About Us

Nitesh pathak also known as gareeb designer, artist behind the gareeb store


Hi there! I am Nitesh Pathak, popularly known as Gareeb Designer. It started with making stickers for my laptop just for fun, which led to creating branding solutions for different startups. One project led to another, encouraging me to try out various experiments with different products. I didn't open my creations to everyone for a long time, thinking, “what if it is just me who is liking them?” But to my surprise, I always got a positive response about my laptop stickers. It got me thinking -  why not make them available to all? You can choose what you like and order! Being a cute and swag designs enthusiast and always wanting to open my own eCommerce store for customized products, I created The Gareeb Store. 

The Gareeb Store is a Bangalore-based design and manufacturing company (technically yes, but in reality, it's just my laptop and me) that appeals to make a style statement through hand-made collections. Every product is printed, hand-cut and laminated in-house in my small home office. I try to give a personal touch to every product that I create.

The Gareeb Store is launched with stickers and bookmarks but won't be limited to that; many more exciting, special hand-made products that are imperfect but unique are on my to-do list.

Got a suggestion or want to say a friendly hi? I am just a message away. Drop me a message on Instagram @gareebdesigner.

Keep flaunting in style!